Isnin, 12 September 2011

New Myvi 1.5l is open for Booking Today!!!

credit to for this pic..tq

Yup !

its can now book your dream myvi 1.5 start from today...
Some says the new name is myvi extreme rather than called SE..

Well some people like this car for its engine...1.5l..its a perfect from the last 1.3l myvi..more power i guess..while others just admire the new look as it comes with new of it is "majestic yellow" .....quite sporty for my personal opinion..

Its your choice guys...

oh how about the price???
check out belowwwww...

Perodua Myvi New Model Myvi 1.5 Extreme OTR Price : RM56,400 Monthly : RM590 (90% Loan) Be The First People To Drive This Car Many Intresting Free Gift Interest Is 2.9 for 9 years

sound like iklan

it comes both manual and auto transmission..

i wonder...what makes this car more expensive compare with the previous it the 1.5 engine or something else?

lets give your opinion from the glimpse of your thought...

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