Isnin, 19 September 2011

Korea Experiences...part 1

Dah lama nak letak tapi x here goes

Life in Korea…
The arrival…
v  We went there by air asia x..similar to normal air asia..nothing fancy..such a boring of 6 hours flight from LCCT to Incheon.
v  Departure around 1.55 pm and arrived around 11 pm..
v  Nobody fetched us there at the we just took a airport limo bus from there to our hotel..the fare cost 10k won.or 30ringgit per person..
v  It was a convenience bus…the driver is like a pilot as the uniform is similar to that..
v  It was funny moment when we were asked to put on the seat belt…in a bus…nobody do that in Malaysia..heheh..
v  Oh.. the bus has a lcd wide screen tv with clear tv programmes…impressive..

The hotel….
v  It took 70 minutes from the airport to the hotel..kukdo hotel it is..
v  Very luxuries hotel..even the toilet is high tech..we don’t need to “cebok” by our hand..all dia buat kan..but after that I basuh lagi la kan..for suci lagi menyucikan…
v  The internet line is fast..nothing to complaint..
v  Tv is good..lots of channel..
v  The room is 1906…for non-smoker..
The islam things
v  We had a bit of quarrelling for the qiblah..which is the right is that way and another is that way…so confusing
v  The halal food here is quite hard to find….breakfast.. we only ate breads.
v  We manage to find halal food in dongdaemon..kebab stall and plenty at itaewon..we had beryani there too but not good as in Malaysia..
v  Love the lobby or rest area…addicted to their coffee..:)
v  The Korean are very practical in what they wear..they don’t wear ties or long it is summer..
v  Some of them require a translator as they don’t master the English very well..its ok..coz they respect their language..

The Subways…
v  OMG..their subways is very very good..connected all over wonder their public transport is among the best in the world..
v  They even had a shopping complex in the subs..
v  It is like an underworld..but if all line are, internet,mobile etc…
v  Normal rate is 1000 won only..u can change diff train with just one payment..
v  Sometimes.. You can smell kimci from their they consume a lot..err sorry to say hard feeling k

Walking and walking..
v  Korean used to walk in their daily life..they walk everyday..

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  1. hai en. Kimin..punye la lama berlalu baru kamu nk update citer..

  2. nak wat cm ne..busy bee..hehe

  3. Memang teringin nak pi sana. Tp nak buat camner, ongkos yer tak cukup. Dengar citer & tgok gambar pun jadi la dulu


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